How to install your Live Wallpaper

Android live wallpapers are fun but it's not always obvious how to install them!  If you have Android 3.0 or newer you can run a live wallpaper.


Here is how

Visit Google Play and find a live wallpaper that looks interesting.  There are zillions of free ones; press "install" when you have made your choice.  This is where live wallpapers can be a little confusing.  After you install there may be no app to run.  There may not even be an icon on your home page. What to do?


These steps will get your Live Wallpaper up and running on any device with Android 3.0 or newer.

- Navigate to your home screen on your Android device

- Find any empty space where there are no icons, etc.

- Press and hold for a second or so.

- A wallpaper box will open.  Choose live wallpaper

- Android comes with some live wallpapers pre-installed.  Find yours and select

- The live wallpaper will start in a preview mode

- Some live wallpapers have configuration options.  If yours does, press Settings

- Make any selections you like in the configuration dialog

- When done, press the back button to return to the preview screen

- Experiment with the settings as desired

- When you are ready press Set Wallpaper

- You're done.  Your selection now becomes your live wallpaper


You can get Mez Live Wallpaper on Google Play!

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... and most of all, have Fun