Mez Break Time

Mez Breaktime is the drawing program that's fun to watch!


It's time to take a break!  You deserve a few minutes with Mez Breaktime, the mesmerizing color drawing program.  So load it up and find the settings that suit your mood.  Then kick back and watch for a while.  Want to take a little break with you?  Try out Mez Live Wallpaper too.


Better have a friend check on you once in a while to be sure you have not become mesmerized!

Visit our page on Google Play do download this free Android app.  Mez Breaktime on Google Play.




Here is a shot of Mez Breaktime in action and a shot of the setup controls for you aficionados out there.  The control icons actually were handed down from a traveler from the planet "Plezork".  If you have trouble figuring out what they do, just click on the question mark and you will be presented with a litle help. 

Go ahead, take a load off...