Bugzies Brigade

200x185--BugziesBugzie is sure to become your fav!  Well, at least as far as bugs go.

Choose Bugzies Brigade for a fanciful bug dance.  Just like the one you see in the warm summer evenings around your porch light.  And you won't have to swat a single one.  You can customize your brigade colors and even the size and numbers.  No need to reach for that can of Raid.  You can always select another Mez Live Wallpaper theme if you bet bugged.


When to use the Bugzies Brigade theme

Bugzie is best visited on those cold winter nites when you are longing for a warm summer's eve.  A simmering evening where even the swarming of your favoirte buddies doesnt dampen your spirits.  So lets grab a cool drink and swat a few.